Ten Years Later….Even Hotter

One of my models that I discovered about ten years ago, and has stayed in touch over the years, returned to my camera once again in July of this year….Chris was one of the hottest twinks that I ever discovered and has been a very good friend over the years. He has been through a lot in those ten years and survived very well, retaining his sense of humor as well. Not only is he a smart young man, he is also easy on the eyes, and showed up looking even hotter, build wise, than the last time I saw and photographed him. Since July, I have photographed him a few more times…here are the test shots from the July return….

Buff in the Barn 6


Buff in the Barn 7


Green Eyed Buff Barn Boy 2


Green Eyed Buff Barn Boy 5


Chaps Art


Chaps Art 2


Chaps Hottie 5


Chaps Hottie 6


Cowboy Nude

Cowboy Nude 3


After shooting him once again in the barn, I decided to see how hott, literally, he looked in the older fire gear….all I can say is…HE DID !!!!

FF Axe Stud


FF Bunker Art 2


FF Air Bottle Hottie 2


FF Air Bottle Hottie 3


FF Hooker 4

Zmari at the Farm Shoot 2013

Soon after shooting with Zmari for the first time, I set up a shoot for a few models and photographers to get together and work together, at the farm of some good friends. Zmari was one of the models invited and was a hit with the photographers. Once again, I will let the photos do the talking….

Porch Hottie 2


Porch Hottie


Pool Boy


Barn Door Boy 6


Barn Door Boy


Barn Door Boy 5


Barn Door Boy 4


Barn Door Boy 3


Haybarn Boy 9


Haybarn Boy Clowning 4


Haybarn Boy Clowning 3


Haybarn Boy 5


Haybarn Boy 2


Haybarn Boy




Flowerchild 4


Zmari and The Horses 2


Zmari and Bob in Field 2


Zmari and Bob in Field


Field Chaps Hottie


Field Chaps Hottie 2