Bobby at the Farm…

Well Bobby came down a couple of weeks ago to shoot with me and my new photographer friend Bobby D, and we decided to shoot some outside images at the farm this time, so Bobby and I drove over and met Bobby D outside town and lead him to the farm. We arrived and I introduced both Bobby`s to Mike and Andy, our gracious co-hosts and owners of the farm and after a few minutes of small talk, we got started shooting with Model Bobby.

We started out on the front porch of the farmhouse and had him dressed in holie jeans to start out…we were joined by two farm cats and a few hummingbirds as well…

Front Porch Sexy 4

…as you will see in some of my photos of Bobby, he is looking away…and this is mostly a result of him working with Bobby D and me just shooting a few along the way while I helped Bobby work with him, mainly giving some pointers and help along the way. I`ll just include the highlights of my part of the shoot…

Front Porch Cutie 3


Front Porch Cutie 2B


Front Porch Innocence 4


Front Porch Innocence 6

and then we saw the swinger, Bobby, in action. šŸ™‚

Front Porch Innocence 7

then we moved around to the iris beds….

Fenceline Art


Fenceline Art 3

and then we worked the old stone building on the farm, one doorway and one window for light inside…

Windowlight Eyes

we opted to use the window for the sole light inside…...its quite pretty light when used at the right time of day….we then went to shoot the cellar stairway….a tight but very usable place to shoot photos...

Stairway Hottie


Stairway Hottie 4

then we headed to the haybarn and told Bobby to show us the farmboy and cowboy in him…he was raised on a farm and we wanted to see the unbridled spirit of the farmboy now….

Haybarn Hottie 5


Haybarn Hottie 7


Haybarn Hottie 8

and boy does he like to show off alot….quite a tease….

Saddle Boi


Sexy Farmhand 2


Sexy Saddle Boy 2


Sexy Saddle Boy Flexed


Sexy Saddle Boy Innocence


Sexy Saddle Hottie


Sexy Saddle Stud 2


Sexy Saddle Stud 4


Sexy Saddle Stud 5



..and then we went inside the haybarn and shot some nudes….

Haybarn Bottomboy 4A


…and then we went outside with one of the horses, cause Bobby had a request to shoot with a horse in the buff…so we shot both of them in the buff…….

Bobby With Bob

…so we went out to the field and Mike introduced Bobby to one of their horses named….what else but…. Bob, of course.Ā  šŸ™‚

Bobby And Bob


Bobby and Bob in the Buff


Bobby Loves Bob

..and they looked like a matched pair…....and there you have it…Bobby B`sĀ  second shoot with me as a model and Bobby D`s first shoot with me as a photographer. šŸ™‚

Mike`s Farm Shoot

I worked with a hot guy named Mike, who is in the Festus area and is a personal trainer, found out he grew up on a farm and has a dazzling smile and great look and build. I first photographed him in my studio barn a few weeks ago and took some great shots of him….

Bridle Stud

and found out he looks good in chaps too….

Chaps Hottie 2

…he brought his own hat and some holie jeans too….

Cowboy Hottie 2

He looked so good and photographed so well and was so nice and easy to work with, that I invited him back to work with me again last week on one of my days off. One of my new photographer friends, Bobby, was going to join me but got stuck in traffic and was unable to make it. I met Mike in the Union area and lead him to a friend`s farm for the shoot. The weather was great and we got some more great shots…starting outside the smaller haybarn this time…

Backlit Cowboy 2

and then working with the chaps…

Chaps Cowboy Cinching Up


Chaps Cowboy Flirt


Chaps Cowboy Flirt 2



and while Mike has a dazzling smile and smiling eyes, he also has a flirty serious look too, which prob works well for him on the babes……


Chaps Cowboy Flirt 6A

and looks like an art statue when looking down or away too….

Hay Barn Fantasy

..he def knows how to move and pose on the farm….

Hay Barn Hottie


Hay Barn Hottie 2

and amongst the haybales….

Hay Barn Hottie 4


Hay Barn Hottie 6

We went over to the larger haybarn next…I have never worked in this loft and now cant figure out why, it has some beautiful light in it and there was a wall of haybales in it too…

Hay Loft Hottie



The light up above, from his waist upward, was just phenomenal as you can see, looked like he just stepped out of a tanning bed….

Hay Loft Hottie 2


Hay Loft Hottie 4


I then had him stretch out on the bales for a few photos and as you can see, the light was only up above….

Hay Loft Bales


Hay Loft Bales 3


Hay Loft Bales 4


Hay Loft Bales 7


Hay Loft Bales 8

and he has some of the biggest brown eyes too.

After shooting the hay bales, it started getting very humid up in the big barn loft, so we opted to go over to the horse barn and cool off in the shade, and while there, grabbed a saddle and went back to the smaller hay barn for some saddle shots…

Hott Farmhand

..and found out in the next two shots what a flirt Mike can be when in his natural elements….

Hott Farmhand 2A


Hott Farmhand 3A

..and changed the saddle up and gave me a few more smiles…

Hott Farmhand Smiles


Sexy Saddle Cowboy 3


Sexy Saddle Cowboy

…from here,Ā  he stripped down to his underwear and gave me some arty poses on a motorcycle….

MC Art

…and then he donned some leather motorcycle wear and I allowed him to show me his serious, aka mean looks….

MC Stud 6

We shot a few more but I havent edited those up yet…so will finish this one out later….