Joe in Arkansas


On the 4th of July I had the opportunity to photograph two of my favorite models in Arkansas, separately of course, but on the same day…Jake had only an hour to work with me so I photographed him first at a beautiful city park on the north side of town, and then Joe and I drove to the waterfall south of town and we shot several nice images there. Joe is a hot blonde boy so I decided to shoot him in all white clothing to start…

…at this point, Joe was beginning to get a bit warm so I let him dabble in the water and get his feet a bit wet….

…and from there he just got out of control and before you knew it….

…he was soaked to the bone and a waterfall dreamboy….

…and at this point, I finally began to see him smile…guess that is what he needed, some liquid refreshment in order to bring that beautiful smile out….

I finally had him take that sexy wet shirt off to reveal that hunky muscle tone he has…

…and finally the smiles returned once again….

…then I had him change outfits….since it was a holiday weekend, this one was very appropriate I thought….

…and then we had some folks show up wanting to cool down in the water, so we headed back to finish up inside…

….found out he looks good in windowlight as well as on the floor by doorlight….

Jake Again

During my vacation the week of July 4th, I was able to photograph two of my Arkansas models in one day…Jake and Joe both showed up about the same time, so since Jake was only available for a couple of hours, I photographed him first, at the waterwheel on the north side of town….





























































































































































New Model Scott

I had the opportunity to photograph a Memphis model when I was down in Arkansas during the 4th of July this year…he drove over to work with me on some nude print work, has experience in some nude video work and was looking to expand his horizons. Shortly after working with me, I was able to hook him up with a photographer friend of mine who expanded his horizons a bit more with additional video work and he has been pretty busy with that endeavor ever since. Here are some of his images from my shoot with him…
















































































































































































































































































then, we went outside to shoot….









































…by the time we returned, the sun was setting and I took advantage of that as well…












































































…a great model and a great shoot…can`t wait to work with Scott some more. 🙂